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title---Titanic-R.M.S.--Due to event's around Nova Scotia and Labrador,both with other marine vessel's ,as the Mont Blanc and the Imo in 1917,and B-36 aircraft in the 1950's,the Titanic may have been another victim of something in that area

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title--Nomadic--A  ship tender--now in restoration after 98 year's.It had a sister ship,coincidentally named,the "Traffic".----Auto-nomadic or "Automatic Traffic Control"--vintage--early 1900's-?----Error in the automaton.-----A

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title-----Off course--alpha-numeric.---

.I have some number's which may connect the Titanic to astro-craft.If data mean's anything "as it happen's",171,a "Star Trek" number show's up in relation to the Nomadic.--The "White Star Line" was the company to which the Titanic belonged and the Nomadic operated with.---

     I may be wrong on this,but I think the Titanic was simply off course if headed for New York City.Once in a while a site will point this out.It would then be a matter of wandering into the northerly ice field's.

     Nomadic---"automatic"----Titanic----??---Unknown "crypt" influence.

    That would be my theory.Guidance data from then unkown derelict astronautical orbital carrier long since marooned for at least several centuries in our solar system.Intermittant partial "error" program's cycle from time to time. 

      I expect disagreement by some as to my  contention about the orbital carrier.The idea of it's being not only able to exist for centuries,but to be able to continue transmitting data ,I admit,is difficult to understand.I have doubt's of my own at time's.

       My assumption is that aircrat aluminum,titanium,magnesium,and other possible material's,including composite's of which the astronautical vehicle is likely constructed,would not be subject to rapid deterioration,comparatively as to an iron and steel ship in salt water.In addition,no atmospheric oxygen and moisture effect's out in the void.

       As to the radio transmission continuing,good solid state device's may sometime's operate almost indefinitely.Solar collector's would be an obvious contiuous power source.Very much like a presently common satelite.In 1968 NASA gave prediction's for some satelite's as having a predicted possible operating lifetime of 900 year's(from Chamber's Dictionary Of Electronic's And Nucleonic's-1968 text.)

       If that were true,all I needed was for the theoretical vessel to exist .By tracing various encryption's,it seem's that the vessel may be what appear's to be comet Schiaparelli.The vessel is encased in a ball of ice appearing to be a comet.------S-H-I-P---S-C-H-I-A-P-----??---Parelli---parallel circuitry--Riddle's,rhyme's and puzzle's-------

       Earth produce's it's own internet data.My contention is that,for the sake of simplicity,one half the data we recieve come's from the orbital carrier.Now that the ground based internet has "risen" it is becoming possible to differentiate between two separate data source's.The orbital data existed for centuries,but had no alternative counterpart until recent time's,as in the 1980',1990's and on.So,as is oft said of many thing's,"we didn't know the difference."

        The interface between the two system's I describe is still a delicate matter.It is like virtual system's,or maybe "mirror" site's.All too subtely hypothetical.In my view,every story produced in text or movies concerning "fictional" astral or cosmic being's or entities is due to the "intelligence" emanating from said derelict vessel.----A real "Event Horizon".??

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