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title---Next--the Climax and the Heisler----Locomotive's---Top photo is a Climax--Bottom-The Heisler----You can see the two different cylinder position's,forward on the Climax--sideway's on the Heisler----

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title--In my imagination,as if a telescope turmstyle had been rotating at a certain elevation-----Photo below--observatory at "Climax",Colorado--the world's highest elevation for an observatory----coincidence of name--

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title---Tube follow's tube--cylinder--functional geometric form's--different purpose-yet connected in some abstruse way--?

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title---Photo above-observatory at Chichenitza-Yucatan,Mexico-

The remain's of the observatory above indicate the existance of an operating   astronomical system at least a few centuries ago,running likely into the thousand year range ,ultimately.From such a facility is where I think astronomer's saw something approach Earth a long time ago.

      To me,it's evidence of a previous civilization which came to an end at a "place".The time at that location ran out,for whatever reason those thing's occur.This can be added to the "railroad" in Egypt idea.Maybe around or at the same time.

title--Nightmare in discovery----

If you look at ancient architecture around the world you will realize that there must have been a fully developed civilization previously.Be careful if you get into this subject,because it can be good for arguement concerning the imagination.And the observatory.Of course,the metal dome and rotating machinery rusted and oxidized away,iron,steel,copper,brass and all.--Time---Long time---In conclusion,if for some reason people disappear in the future,another rusty,dusty civilization of "artifact's" is all that will remain.---Then,if people somehow return thru an "unknown" time loop-?--they will again see corn maize in the gear's for a while.--In the mean time I will have to debate with the photographer who took this picture.------------------------I think it was the local machine shop------sliding gear's on shaft's with 4 spline's-------The Shay locomotive had telescoping shaft's in connection with it's gear's.The shaft's were "square".Geometrically,that resemble's the "4" spline's in the Chichenitza gear's.If the Shay gear were simply mounted differently,it could have had the shaft slide inside the gear,as in Chichenitza,and accomplish the same movement .-Something long lost altered thru time.----I will be adding "piece's" of the puzzle as I go.(Maybe it's only my puzzle.)
 and at Chichenitza they looked up into the sky and said --"It's a chicken."---

title--Photo below---Chichenitza-Assembly of transmission gear's--The site I obtained this from describe's this as a depiction of "maize"--ear's of corn.

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title---Telescope-Why should I imagine a locomotive component has anything to do with the most common angle at which a telescope is used-?--Back to Egypt 6000 year's ago.Someone was watching a fleet of astro vessel's as they approached Earth.The Bird

The "mechanic's" of civilization fell apart 6000 year's ago,but it was all recorded in the derelict vessel data system and  is being reproduced with alteration's continuously since that time.Computer Assisted Design from our own past.--My theory,anyway---Incidentally--Da Vinci's "number's have proven to be exact and correct.--That much I can verify.--Other thing's remain speculative.--

title---Below---Coupler,maybe--?--positioned for vertical motion----could be part of an old railroad shop----?----Symbol's as simple are used thru-out the twentieth century to indicate a system entity or purpose on the railroad---

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title---Below-And when was a civilization--??---Yucatan-Mexico--(1920's-30's excavation's)-From early as 2600 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

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title----About strange "gear's"-Shay locomotive truck gear below-

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title--(below)-Shay locomotive showing absolute "vertical "cylinder position--

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title-(below)Top photo--Kinzua viaduct railway bridge-in McKean county,Pennsylvania------One of the designer's was Octave Chanute--Civil engineer and aircraft pilot---The contractor was Phoenix Bridge Building company-

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title---Phoenix---The "Phoenix Fire Bird"

The Flight Of The Phoenix---Messenger--couldn't "fix the phone"-?-so as to "phone the Phoenix"-?--May be an idea for a very old,unheard S.O.S.or two.In any case,I have no doubt that aircraft guidance and central train control(CTC) are somewhat "fused" together.The Perm,Russia air incident with a 737 crashed on railroad track's in 2008(or 2007-media time warp delay) suggest's that there is an automatonic interface in those two transport area's which is a bit too unclear.----The Derelict Automaton Orbital-?---no one there.----Cyborg----

title--Below-Graphic image from animated movie "Titan",concerning a "derelict automaton" spacecraft---The structural interior of the craft.

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title--My theory of what happened--Data on this within the past 3 year's only.

The image's above have to do with the spacecraft approaching Earth and it's automatonic system's mistaking a railway bridge for another spacecraft it would have met at some point.

     Instead of being guided toward a craft in the sky,it's guidance,having zeroed in on the bridge,it slammed directly into the bridge.The form of the  bridge was a type common to planet Earth.Where-ever the spacecraft came from there was likely a different form for the railway type,,unless that other world had no railway at all and could not have known what the form the system saw was other than it's appearing to be another spacecraft.--??

    I am still speculating on just how all this might have occured and why.---I have no doubt that there was a drastic interaction between rail and spacecraft automatonic system's long ago.Human control,it would seem,was not possible,for whatever reason.In any case,civilization on Earth and the entering fleet were both destroyed at that time.At least one carrier vessel of some type,maybe a large maintaince vehicle resembling a floating space-port became frozen in a ball of ice.That would be what "appear's" to be comet Schiaparelli.(Ship-in parallel-data time line)--It is stil transmitting.They(or we) have been rebuilding together,tho at odd's with one another,ever since,for possibly 6000 year's now.-----------------------End Of Story-?--Not yet-----------------

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