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title---The "Machine" Begin's------

My story is based on some personal experience's over a period of 43 year's.It is mostly coincidental event's and data.What finally happened is that I found it possible to track information backward in time.Reaching some limit's as I studied rail history,due to that being my hobby after 1986,the beginning of the "rail's" just after 1800 was what I considered to be the earliest limit of any kind of "machine" activity in any form,at least as to so-called "self-powered " vehicle's.

       Marine vessel's developed similarly around the same time.The steamer Walk-In-The-Water is reputed,in one book I have,to be the first steamboat on the upper Great Lake's--1818 to 1821--in a text book I have by Dana Thomas Bowen---Lore Of The Lake's--published--1940----

    I kept dwelling on various early train's and locomotive's.One reason for that is the gear driven logging type.(they were also used for other work,but most all was slow industrial haulage.)

     What I figured out after two or three year's of study was that they should have been on main line high speed,not back in the wood's and mill yard's.I began to see railway engineering design as exactly "backward's ".If I wasn't wrong there may then be something wrong with the entire world of human thought.

       All of the "side rod" connected locomotive's needed extra truck's just to keep them from "rocking" from front to back.They also had a tendency to "waddle" like a duck.(the very small,short one's) 

       I would have to analyze the "whole" design configuration on this page to explain why this is,so,for the moment,I will limit my explanation. 

      For now,I will simply say that the geared type's had the stability of a modern Diesel which has none of the "shaky" characteristic's. The very large, Mallet type side rod locomotive's were the only one's to escape much of the instability due to their long double drive chassis.But they would still have the peculiar side-rod effect's.

       The main ill effect of wheel to wheel side rod's is that sprung suspension  move's vertically,be it even a small amount with train's on steel rail's,but the distance will change between axle center's and bearing's and mount's are stressed horizontally.

 It would almost seem that some engineering concept's were developed "hurriedly" leaving point's of refinement undone.    

There are over 2700 data page's on the Shay locomotive on one Shay internet site---Below is an 1880 model---One of the earliest---


title---Below------Last Shay built-- 1945-------All "Shay's" from


      As you can see,the design of the Shay went thru it's own evolutionary process as has every other human " built " machine.(not necessarily human  " created.")

      I will have more later as to how I began looking "way back" in time because there were twoadditional looging type steam locomotive's,each wit a different angular elevation of it's side mounted cylinder's,rnging from vertical on the Shay to forward angled at 45 degree's on the Climax,and 45 degree's sideway's on the Heisler.

      Ultimately,I consider the Climax the best of the three,tho I personally have a model Shay in HO gauge which I assembled myself just because I liked it with it's intricate side gear mechanism.(That's cheating strict engineering rule's,but that's okay as long as a model is kept a model.)

     It has seemed to me that the Shay side gearing was a "system" take off from long,early factory drive line's on mill table's-Conjecture---

title-----The three logging locomotive's----Three position's of a "telescope" angled to observe the sky very long ago upon sighting an approaching fleet from the cosmos-----????----Then,it all stopped--and the telescope angle's were recorded

6000 year's later,the angle's of the telescope's showed up in the three" logging" locomotive's---as Earth civilization began anew,but with some strange error in the whole work's---????----Conjecture---?-----Life after Egypt----And the ancient " data com recorder "----


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title-The S-1 locomotive-This locomotive used to run from Chicago to Crestline,Ohio.It could not go anywhere else because of it's excessive used to pass thru Gary,Indiana,along the way,probably 5 miles from where we lived in the middle 1940

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title--Im the little guy,in 1948 at the Chicago Railroad Fair-Train's seem to keep following me.(or Snake's?)-My older brother at left---

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title-The photographer for a magazine happened to catch me in the grandstand also---(arrow)-1948 Chicago Railroad Fair--I only discovered this in 2002,when this magazine was published.----

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title-Below-The same two guy's on the locomotive above after year 2000,except I'm on the left this time.---At "Paradise Valley Railway"--La Porte,Indiana--

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title-Monon wreck-Lowell,Indiana-1952-I am the little kid at far left.I didn't know I was in this picture until I saw it on the internet in 2004.--

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title-Below-Lowell Monon wreck-1952-Front end of my folk's 1950 Chrysler New Yorker at far right-(which I later drove a lot like "Casey"--6 year's later-I never scatched it--lucky-I must have gone blank and forgot all about "wrecking" thing's--)Now that I percieve a highly programmed world,all such thing's are decidedly dangerous and based on "Fate's" provided by unknown system's.---Be careful.---(I wound up as a safety escort driver for overdimension load's much later on--and much more careful---)

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