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title--Theatric's--movies---entertainment---A source of inspiration---

Hollywood come's along with concept's.War Of The World's--The Day The Earth Stood Still-When world's Collide--All before 1960--Forbidden Planet was there in 1956 or so--

why-?---Because there is not now nor was there ever any such thing-?--I think it may be an effort by some artist's to suggest the unlikely.Thing's that are not even within the presently known scientific realm.

      Site's on the internet such as Enterprise,by Richard Hoagland,ask many question's which inspire thought.Remnant object's on Mar's are something which could entice curiousity,but at the same time make proof difficult or near impossible.I find myself following a very limited "cryptic trace" also.It would sometime's seem as a deliberate perturbance.From that,I then feel I might be faced with an equally deliberate "surprise" in the future.Psychology.--- It seem's as tho something is playing a game with both human and animal mind's.That could be some animal or entity not yet seen or even thought of on planet earth,and maybe a lot of other place's in the cosmos.Whatever it is,I am convinced that "it know's".

        When I figured out that the "pylon's" in Egypt could be remnant's of a pre-existing civilization with all the type's of thing's we recognize at present,I then saw the Mar's item's as part of a similar process.Only on Earth,the fiasco appear's to be something which happen's twice.6 millenium's ago--and maybe once more in the future.The second time being the last.(The 6000 year period remain's adjustable by some centuries--I have not worked that out to any verifiable mathematical certitude.Radiometric and other dating process's could be of value.-I would connect those with artificial Intelligence and cyber data reference point's for a check base. )

        Automaton of nature-?---There is nothing "unnaturall" about electronic's,radiation or any other human device.But very strange thing's can happen.I have felt absolutey normal during many period's in my life.At other time's I have wondered whether I  am in the right world. I have now concluded that life is made of "mysteries",by mysteries and for mysteries. I know what I'm doing--Dream---

More later,or maybe tomorrow--- From the" Replicating Cosmos"---

title---Mechanic's anomaly-----

A few day's ago I was disassembling a christmas toy,a Sant Claus "old time" locomotive which play's a tape loop of tune's and has figure's in motion and does a couple other thing's.I wanted to look at the malfunctiong circuit board.

    The phillip's head srew's were in fairly hard,brittle plastic and were unusually hard to remove.I was using a brand new set of screw driver's which had all the correct small size's.None of the would turn the screw.They simply slipped out of the head,even with extreme donward pressure.Not wanting to spoil a brand new screw driver,but being positive of the notion I had,I went ahead and trimmed off maybe a 32nd of an inch or so off the tip of the phillip's point.

     The screwdriver then seated perfectly,as I thought it would.That is the only tool I have ever had such a problem with.There is a general tendency for a phillip's to be that way,but this time it was more than usual.---So now,I found the answer to the phillip's discomfort of use and stripped screw head's.But then,I "spelled it out",as goes with my theory,the word "ship's" being spelled so easily by anagram of phillip's.--??------"In the ship's the phillip's slip's-"-poetry for mechanic's--Tool's from a derelict vessel work station ?---Old question often asked.---"What's the point" in something ?---tool box".---Other's have had stories about a "ship of fool's".--That rhyme's also.-----

      I was wrong when I said no other tool.The common twelve point "socket" has an inverse "point" problem.If a bolt or nut is very tight,the limited area held by the socket will cause it to peel the edge point's of the nut or bolt.Then one usually decide's to use the "hex" socket which should have been used in the  first place.----Now,you have a potentially errant "socket" to go with the "rocket"--??-----Astronaut's doing necessary routine maintainance in the void could run into a lot of problem's due to one stripped fastener.---bolt "stripped,"end of "trip".----Message from the replicated tool box.

A great system when total energy is considered.But,we still have to build or produce everything that goes into it.In reality,no"labor saving device" exist's.Only the "experience" of the machine system which seem's the fate of humankind.

title-Agriculture---Diesel---Steam---And "Horse"----I have never been fond of the idea that the horse had to stand in for an engine.Fortunately,it was only temporary.---Creation altered,long ago,I think.--

 W Whatever may have existed in ancient Egypt in term's of an"industrial" system may well have covered the Earth as it does at present.Egyptian and Aztec ruin's just happen to be all that remained after some unusual disruption.

       It has taken around 200 year's for technology to reach it's present state.So,an estimate of some similar period may be true for the original civilization to reach a given level of "machine" technology.Whether agriculture existed in the original system at all or how it worked I can only conjecture.I see agriculture as purely a product of "Artificial Intelligence".Whether that is alway's true of a world I can't say.But,I have no doubt that such a system of "field and garden" that we do have is a product of two system's,each of a different nature and in technical disagreement at all time's.

     Radiopharmacomimicry can well cover the whole spectrum of confused bio-data.Whatever radio data system mapped and analyzed Earth long ago has induced it's own "digitalized' bio-chemical effect's since that time as against that of Earth.From there one may be able to find the source of every so-called "weed" and why it is so thought of as well as any disease.That would all "meet up" in the "hospital" system .There,with some transposition,you can find,in the term HOSPITAL----- SHIP-SHOP-ALL-STOP--The astro fleet met with some type of technical failure as it enterd our solar system. 

     That seem's to have happened over 4000 year's ago,originally.That system reached a point of total destruction.Rebuilding finally proceeded requiring 4 millenium's to recover.not a pretty story.It could be said we now exist in a "divided" or virtually double "Artificial Intelligence".Highly "clonic",not unlike Star War's---in process.

     Alien radio-data and the equivalent of CAD or Computer Aided Design has been the external effect all the time since.A mixed system of engineering concept's. Covering all the level's and form's of effect's would require a lengthy text,so I  will keep this at a limit for now.

     The "agricultural" aspect involve's the idea of how machine's,in the process of harvesting,in effect, begin a"digesting" process with plant's.They replace the act of "grazing" by animal's".Then,the farmer feed's the animal some of what it would ordinarily eat.Such animal's live inside the "spider web" of fence's,domesticated,close kin to zoo residence.

      The constitution of diet's involve the mix of animal and plant product's.It sseem's the "metal" machine may be the "meal" maker.Just drop the "T" from metal.I won't go into agrostology or agricultural science here.After 47 year's on the farm plus a study of that part of evolution beget's another "book".Hunt,gather,fish will have to suffice for now,by mean's of the system we have.Pet's and being kind to animal's is touchy and tenuous.Something is alway's left out.Strange and excessive attempt's seem to have been made in the recent 20 year's to overcome that deficiency.

      It's all mixed up with conflict for food,flying in the bird you may eat,otherwise thought of as an "airplane".Or sailing in the "fish' you just ate.Very uncomfortable and sometime's deadly psychology.The Diesel tractor pictured above is a "Steiger" brand.I couldn't help but choose it since it remind's me of Rod Steiger in the movie,"The Illustrated Man".----Lost spacecraft--marooned.----Maybe Hollywood does not alway's just "imagine.(check You Tube-The Illustrated Man-see clip 6--(4 men--11 continent's-)(4 plane's-9/11)---1968-small piece of data for a possible 33 year lead on the 9/11 incident--     All "industrial" nation's on this planet have been running on the same time-line for the past 200 year's.The only difference's are the language and local detail difference's of method's in technical area's.

title-Energy beyond human-?--No.We have to build these.After we eat.

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title-Above--Holt,or Holt And Best-steam traction-around 1900-

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title-Below-Small switcher locomotive converted to tractor for logging-Roger's City,-Michigan.-early 1900's- 

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title-Below-Steam powered chain-belt(crawler)-early 1900's---

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title-Below-One 60 bottom plow set-up pulled at Rantoul,Illinois antique show-year 2007---steaming on into the future---3 tractor team---

Add your main content here - text, photos, videos, addons, whatever you want!T7Os5Okf3OQAnd now--2016--The "Autonomous" tractor is on the way--If Rossum's Universal Robot's has credibility--even "we" may eventually be replaced--Find humor in that--?--I hope so--

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