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title-AND,AFTER 1000 THOUSAND YEAR'S-----another----



for this year--of 2008----That "was" the year--when I began--It is now 2017 and I have a lot of new developement's to add
I can't predict exactly what the new item's will be,for I am often surprised at what I come up with due to new discoveries--


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Welcome---I have just begun this site(12-13-08)If any photo's I am using here happen to be under any restriction,ownership or copyright,as soon as the owner make's me aware of that,I will remove them.---

The Egyptian site's are most likely to be in question due to likely recent research effort's and expenses by the photographer's.--I am presently searching many different sites for photo's and may occasionally miss a copyright notice.---Thank You----

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 ----Anomalies---Puzzle's---Myth's----Some potential realities-----


 New mail--

 My name--Carl Anthony Joseph [email protected]


 Enticing bit's of thing's meant to attract and befuddle the explorer---?


title---The "Atlantis" video---Additional video item's linked to Atlantis are closely related to my Egyptian theory as to matter's of origin's and possible event's in the distant past.-(I do not necessarily agree with certain extended theories in the 25 video Atlantis section--)

My idea for the name "SKYTRAINZASTRON" come's from a town in Africa named "Zastron".There is a rock formation near the town refered to as "The "Eye" Of Zastron"---It has the form of an eye in it's structure-----something of an uknown astronautical event may be implied because of the town being so named if Earth was long ago mapped by unknown vessel's in preparation to land here.Some type of failure may have occured as the mapping was in process and the landing developed into a chaotic event.--"Zastron"----"Astro"-??--Africa--Egypt--The name's we use today were put in place then,during that mapping-??---One of the vessel's engaged in that operation transmit's to Earth yet at present.--As a Derelict automaton---

title---Alternative concept--And various possibilities---Alien or not--I don't know yet--But beware---

The disruption of civilization those millenium's ago may not have been "alien" at all.The derelict automaton I believe to have remained in orbit all this time,still transmitting could  be of our own intelligence or information technology.Just like the PC upon which you view these notation's.Maybe jumbled hypertext is nothing more than a partially burned out and short circuited module.

      Our own fleet could have been returning from a distant place in the cosmos.Original "accident" ?  Maybe it could have to do with vertically 'stacked " tall building's.And that related to "stacked" flight pattern's at airport's.A thousand shuttle's engaged in a re-entry process from the returned fleet.Too much at one time.Some now unknown thing damaged or caused failure in a computer in fleet central command.

        Maybe a computer developed a "self",like "Hal" in 2001 Odyssey.

        Pyramid ?---Pyric ?--"Fire"  Amid-ship's ?--Thus,"pyr-amid ? If that's why pyramid's were built,then the automatonic incident occured even before they were built,they also being CAD engineering product's of fleet system's,and being product's of accident have no known certain purpose ?


         Pyramid---r-a-m--Random Access Memory--Computer's have no actual "random".----Nor do any basic principle's of mechanic's.


title--New York City building photo's-

Look thru the building photo's to get some idea of how failed computer module's could have disrupted Earth transportation system's long ago in Egypt.---

title-Link to X-Fact' Civilization's-------

title-Time disparity-derelict vessel reverse analytic's-

I surmise it possible that as planetary constitution and evolutionary history was being analyzed that calendar date system's became errant to a very great degree.

    This could be in connection with the 1582 Julian to Gregory system.For instance,the fleet arrival and event could have occured only 427 year's ago,from 2009.

     If this were so we could be measuring with a disrupted radiometric mathematic.My contention is that the ony reason the geological age's have been developed in any way is due to the astro vesel's activity and presence.(Devonian-Silurian and so on)If that is true the vessel had a tremendous computational and data feedback or retrieval capability.

      But,with the possible errancy,my view of 4000 to 6400 year's for the fleet arrival may be way off.And,with the cybernetic effect's on the human mind-brain our own ability to even detect such a wide error may be heavily obfuscated.

      Therefore,I will be making an effort to determine if civilization's such as Aztec and Egyptian may be somewhat less than a thousand year's old in origin.Some other interim gap event could extend part's of developement back in the millenium range for other reason's,but that remain's to be seen.

       The movie "Sphere" suggested around 300 year's for an astro event with a derelict craft.I consider that there may be reason for that with possible "nefarious" deceptive activity being produced there to deliberately conceal the time factor,given there could be a hostile entity at work.

       So,I am open to any idea's on the subject in that regard.The number 82 usually relate's to transportation system's indata document's.The Casey Jone's locomotive number in the 1900 accident was 382.(1582 Gregorian-Julian calendar change)That's a 100 year piece of the puzzle for me,from which much more extention developed into other transport realm's also.

Revised date of intial event---year 1086----Possibly precise---I have determined this new date after several year's of continuous research since 2008----today is July 6-2015---

Place of occurance of the event---or where it could have been recorded--western England--Kendal -

My surname can be found at Helsington Laithes Manor in Kendal--(in the year 1086)--I associate this with the accident recently involving a flight 1086--long term astronautical connection possibe

There is a pdf concerning ancestry there--this date (year 1086)is in the pdf--


title---Montauk Project--and The Philadelphia Experiment--

I feel it possible that Montauk may be an in-line time phenomenon which fall's into a yet mysterious process of Earthly event's.It is well worth studying the data presented there.Due to personal experiences I have no doubt that unexpected result's have often occured in system's where assertive "enginering" has been done,the contstructor's only later discovering that essential nature was in charge all the time.

In search Of Atlantis-Part 1 of 3.

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